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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I posted this in an earlier reload post but it goes on all month so in case it gets lost....

Take advantage of our 20% Redeposit Bonus simply by making your deposit of $25 or more, anytime between 6PM ET May 20th & 6PM ET July 1st and we'll give you 20% of your deposit, up to $100 in Bonus Dollars

Bonus Dollars will be converted to real money for play on the site at the rate of $1 for every 10 UltimatePoints you earn at our $.25/$.50 or higher tables. See how you earn UltimatePoints here. Bonuses will be given one per person on first deposits made.

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Bonus is good but unattainable

there bonuses are good but next to impossible to get. you need 10 pts for every bonus dollars. sounds easy, right? not quite, they'll give you 0.20 pt. for every 3-4 dollar rake. simple computation will tell you that you need to play 50 rake hands for every dollar. not a very good rake to bonus ratio considering that most poker site rake to bonus ratio is 5:1. i still have $176 bonus dollars stuck there since i cash out after a week of playing...the smartest move i've ever make. :p
You are correct, this is a tough bonus to clear. You get double points for starting tables so that helps because I am a good short player. Also I played some crazy pineapple just to change it up. UVB is doing another 50% up to $100 by October 4th but as you say most find this bonus dificult to clear and the games are tougher then average to bear.

Today is last day for Stars 20% reload up to $120, much easier to clear IMO, especially at 6 max tables.

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