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Jul 8, 2006
Hello ladies and gents, this is my first post and I thought i'd start off with a round of bitching.

I decided to try Ultimate Bet Poker and deposited 25 dollars. They were supposed to match it with another 25 but all I got was a "pending dollars". I played and quickly lost my 25 original bucks and then the casino told me they required an undisclosed amount of play. I said that nowhere on their site does it require any amount of play to use your bonus bucks. Then they said that i withdrew my money right after, and I replied that I lost it playing their half rate Blackjack, regardless they reneged on the bonus.

Has anyone else had problems with Ultimate Bet?

It's not like I tired to abuse a bonus or anything, I just wanted to play with my free chips =(
UB bonus money is pending dollars. It's bonus money that is released as you play poker hands and is released faster with higher limits. You played BlackJack at a poker place? NEVER do that. It's there so you can lose money. I find UB to be quick with the payouts. If you really want to clear the bonus there, play micro limits. Otherwise the bonus isn't that great, but the customer service usually is.
Virtually every online poker room does not grant bonus money up front. The bonus is released after you play a certain number of raked hands. The only exceptions I know of are Bodog and Pacific.

I am absolutely positive that UB posts an explanation of its bonuses somewhere on their website that is easily accessable. You didn't look very hard if you didn't find it.
NoMouthToScream said:
You played BlackJack at a poker place? NEVER do that. It's there so you can lose money.

I think you should edit your statement to read.

NoMouthToScream said:
You played BlackJack? NEVER do that. It's there so you can lose money.
For new poker players

Bonuses are giving for the rake you generate. If you have not generated enough proffit, forget receiving a bonus.

You can deposit 1.000.000 dollars, that if you suck playing poker, they won't give you a cent in bonus.

I had customers that with a $10 deposit have generated $9000 in proffits for the company I used to work for.

Those guys contact, and you are more than happy to give them $20. You know they will duplicate at least the investment.
maaster said:
NEVER play blackjack @ a pokerplace

iI learned the hard way to..

use hollywoodpoker.com

or 24poker.com

no casino games on the side..

...or PokerStars. They've been called a number of things before, but never shady.

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