Ultimate Bet falling from grace


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Ultimate Bet has really shot themselves in the foot. Earlier in the week, Tuesday I believe, UB attempted an upgrade that flopped. It crashed their entire site for 24 -48 hours. Then it slowly started to come back but players could not access the cashier interface. Players report sit and gos crashing as soon as the first player is knocked out and many players (including me) have money missing out of their account.

I played a session and bought in for $100. It got down to $50 or $60 and the game broke so I left. This money still shows as $100 at real money table. I have sent 2 emails a day for 3 days and they have not responded to them.

In the many threads about this I have read very very few players have had their emails returned, and usually its a form letter. Many players are missing money, have been waiting ridiculous amounts of time for cashouts or have been unable to access the cashier at all.

It's one thing to have tech issues, its another to not even bother notifying your players in masse of the problems or bother answering their emails at all. Especially with so many players due refunds from crashed tournaments or other bugs. Wondering where money went and not getting a response for 3+ days is not acceptable. Some players are even starting to speculate UB has run off with all the money. I feel this is highly unlikely but what are newer players that are still developing a trust for online poker suppose to think?

IMO this will forever tarnish their reputation. They lost a bit of their good rep when they went after Pokershare, this is 100x worse. When a big poker room shows this type of incompetence it gives the entire industry a bit of a black eye to many players.
winbig72 said:
Thanks. I was considering playing there, but now I'll wait and see if this blows over.

Hopefully they get their act together soon. If they do not I cant imagine they will have much in the way of players when they get everything stable.

It is unlikely anyone can deposit there anyway since the cashier page almost always times out. If it does show it just times out on another step.
This is very disturbing and I was unaware of this problem until a few minutes ago. I'm in the process of trying to get some answers now.
A poster at 2+2 states they have had 2 cashouts rejected in the amount of $9000 because UB cant access their admin page that handles these things. Several others in the thread report same type issues. One person did state they have received a cashout during this mess.

My money is still missing and emails still ignored and it seems that goes for everyone that has had their balanced messed with during this "update" for lack of a better word. I have not bothered sending another one in last day or so.

Income Access emailed affiliates stating their stats would close on the 26th for February and carry over 27-28 into March. This should not be a big deal since their site was down for most if not all of those 2 days anyway.
That's why as a player you want to cash out as often as possible when you win, and deposit again only if you play. Keeping money at the casino/pokerroom always carry a risk.
Let them bare the costs of transaction and you accumulate more NETeller points for their monthly draws, lol.
Wow it only took 5 days to get this form email and it has nothing to do with my emails.

Dear player,

First and foremost we do apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused for you. Our Game has gone through a major system upgrade and as it was expected there are still several details that need to be reviewed.

Our Tournaments Department is working full time to adjust the affected accounts. However, this process needs to be done manually and it will take a little longer. Rest assured that your account will be reviewed accordingly as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.

Best Regards,

Maria Fernanda
Customer Service Department
They finally responded and corrected a small issue but leaving a large issue not dealt with. Someone posted a link at 2+2 that shows that at least UB is addressing this, although many days too late.

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I will lay off of them since at least they have openly admitted this disaster and acknowledge it needs ot be worked on.
UB problem continues

I’m glad UB has finally returned pokeraddict’s money. However, I don’t want this thread to die because UB problems continue, at least, for me. I'm still not able to withdraw money. I can, luckily, still view my account and use the money in ring games and tournaments. I've written to UB four times regarding this issue. I received two form letters, both having nothing to due with the problem. The last two letters have been totally ignored. I'm hoping I'm not the only one with this problem. Suggestions?

The cashier page is accessible but it appears disabled. I'm not able to make a request because the blanks fields where I normally would enter the amount requested no longer appear on the page. The drop down is still there and I can select different options, such as Neteller, Check, etc. but that is as far as it allows me to proceed.
This seems to be taking an inordinately long time to fix - are there other complaints on poker sites about UB and its prolonged troubles?
I found a post by pokeraddict on bonuswhores, which appears to relate to my problem. He/She says UB emailed requesting an email verification. After they got it they allowed withdraws. They fixed the problem on the 9th. I'm still waiting for an email.
There are still some complaints about UB lingering from weeks ago but nothing like the amount there were 10 days ago. Once my money was unlocked I got my cashout in about 36 hours, maybe 12 hours longer then usual but nothing too bad. I have read posts from people still getting cashier errors or having money missing in the last couple of days.
I'm still waiting for the happy ending, but certainly feel ignored by UB. Perhaps there is a way I can solve this problem on my own. I'd like to throw out a couple of ideas. First, I make another Neteller deposit to my account. If they accept the deposit perhaps the channel for withdrawal will be opened. However, I'm nervous about this idea because I don't have loads of cash to toss into a blackhole. Second, I open a second account, transfer funds, and hopefully withdraw. This may not work because I never bothered to set up the account for transfers. You have to email for preferred status. I don't know what they are doing with emails now. I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions.


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