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Sep 27, 2006
Hi everyone

Can someone tell me what can i do when a poker site doesnt want to pay?

I won USD$ 1000 in table rings in the ultimate bet and when i tried to make a withdraw they told me they wont pay me because someone in my table used a stolen credit card.

Dont they have the responsability to secure the people who plays in the site?
Its my fault that someone used a stolen credit card?

What can i do about that?

They dont even have a phone number for us to contact them, and dont answer to mail emails

I would be pleased if someone can tell me what can i do or where can i go to make a complain.
Assuming you had nothing to do with the person who was using a stolen card then you should be paid out in full.

I would think that UB on discovering that someone had used a stolen card would analyse all the hands and players that were involved with the player using the card. If it was obvious that another player (s) were acting in collusion then they would freeze the account and retain the balance. If there was no obvious collusion then any reputable room would take no action.

Im sure that there would be several other checks that UB would make before freezing an account such as IP, location, address, signup date, country of origion, payment method, user name, hands played with player X v total hands, etc

Obviously this could in rare instances lead to innocent players accounts being frozen and im assuming this is what has happened to you.

I suggest that you post all correspondance between yourself and UB poker for a start.

Then if necessary ask for the hand history of all games played with this particular player. Hand histories will show innocence/guilt in most cases IMHO
I already asked my hand history but they dont send me, and i also ask them a phone number contact but Ultimate dont have any, they only have email support

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