UKCG fines and impact for UK players worry


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Aug 10, 2016
Lancashire, UK
Whilst people are moaning about childish advertising being banned and the changes in vocb used for free spins that arent actually free, I thought I'd share some facts so that you can see why casinos are jumping into line currently...

I follow the UKGC twitter feed and am becoming increasingly worried about what their actions may lead to....
Just in case you arent aware, this is a list of recent fines issued by them:

Nov 2017
Gala interactive: £2.3 million

Oct 2017
Stan James: £80,000

August 2017
888 UK: £7.8 million

June 2017
Lottoland: £150,000

May 2017
BGO: £300,000

Does the money from the fines come back to us, the gamblers? No....victims and gambling research seem to get it all.
More worrying is, how will the casinos recuperate these losses? im guessing by making a bigger profit from current customers this year.


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Jan 22, 2013
888 are currently repaying affected customers and have seen proof of sizable £76k and £1.2m refunds recently. Along with myself, a number of people on CM have also received monies back in October following e-mail contact.

Many of the big cases involve stolen money, so money is returned to the rightful owner i.e. employers and family members.

The fine amounts make only a small percentage (1-5%) of a casinos annual profit so it's not going to affect current customers.


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Apr 13, 2017
i doubt the fines go back into the industry, it probably gets kept and yes, the casinos will have to explain the fine somehow to the board and shareholders, and tell them what they will do to get the revenue back. When an industry makes this much money, everybody wants a share from the government to the mafia.

It's usually the consumers that suffer, which would be the players in this case, but with all the recent moaning about rtp and slots not being the same as they used to be, perhaps these measures to claw some revenue back are already in place?