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Jul 7, 2004
Once again I have come across that old chestnut of roll-over wagering requirements. Having played at UKBetting poker I received a 25 bonus to play at their casino. I first received this last month a duly played and lost. This month the same thing occurred, having lost all but 5 at poker I decided to pop over to the casino and play my bonus.
Fortunately I managed to get this upto over 100, but when I tried to transfer this back to the poker room I was only allowed to move 30 (25 more than I had actually brought over).

This is when the farce began. I checked the T and C's and saw no mention of any rollover wagering requirement. In fact the T and Cs even state that each bonus runs from midnight of the first of the month.

I then telephoned UKBetting and spoke to a representative called Paulo who explained that I had not furfilled the WR for LAST MONTH! After a protracted discussion with both of us looking at the T and Cs pleading with him to show me where this was stated, to no avail. After much cajoling I managed to get put through to Matt 'Customer Services Something or Other' who repeated the whole process all over again. When asked pointed questions as to where the details where in the T and Cs Matt soon clocked on that he preferred to make sure he didn't say anything that would jeopardise his job.

I was told that I would have to make a complaint as opposed to 'Customer Services' actually dealing with the matter.

Next day I repeated the process all over again with someone called Ing who tried to convince me that the word aggregate in a sentence means 'all previous betting requirements'. My faith in my ability to speak English was beginning to waiver and I started to doubt my reading ability. Finally put through to Marlin who at the end of a ridiculous conversation stated that I should show her where in the T and Cs is DOESN'T say that the WR is rolled over.

Ultimately, I have found out that I cannot read, that UKBetting T and C work on the basis of negative ommission to justify any ruling, that the staff have no managers and are fully trained in the legal compilation, writing and comprehension of Terms and Conditions.

I took a screen shot for my own sanity, but ultimately I got the impression that I was not a customer but an annoyance that deserved nothing but dismissal.

A word of advice, do not bother reading T and Cs for this company because they apply whatever meaning suits them.

A shoddy and second rate casino who operate a dubious 'customer service' in my opinion.

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