UKash and underage gambling


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Apr 26, 2004
I've noticed, when doing Gaming Club survey, they now do UKash. It works in the same way PayPoint does for bills. Hand cash over to the newsagent who gives you a voucher code that can be used at the casino.

It looks like a handy way for the self-employed who deal largely in cash to deposit cash into casinos, and hopefully there'll be some hefty bonuses like Spin Palace did recently - but there's a flaw.

Presumably as UKash is meant to pay for a wide variety of items, not just casinos, there will be no age verification for purchasers. Will online casinos check the age of people?, as a ten-year old could pay by UKash and withdraw by cheque.
They'll take the deposits from the ten year old, but just let him try and cash out.... that's when the intense identity investigation begins. It's a no lose situation for the casino.

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