UK to Ban Gambling Advertisements Featuring Sports Stars and Celebrities

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Feb 15, 2019


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Mar 15, 2018
CAP holds no mercy and I believe this is going way too far. A similar decree was applied by the Spanish gambling authority DGOJ 2 years ago which has only impacted negatively the entire revenue streams surrounding the Igaming industry.

Fair balance between operator's freedom and player protection? I don't think so.

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May 8, 2018
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From the article:

"And, no more gambling ads featuring video game images or gameplay familiar to many children’s lives"

I can't recall seeing anything along these lines, and the only sports person I've seen in a gambling advert is neymar.

Under 18's are being fleeced by addictive loot crates in gaming but obviously that's not important :rolleyes:

[Edit: Tbf there is mention in the news the govt are looking at this, but hoping self regulation by the video game industry will work.]
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Aug 29, 2012
Just further meaningless and ineffective piffle. When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter if they ban sports stars from gambling ads as long as 'teh children' get mommy and daddy to buy them any recent version of FIFA, where, contained therein, is a mode called 'Ultimate Team', which to all intents and purposes is a glorified Panini sticker album.

Kids go doolally over Ultimate Team, whereby it's become the company's biggest earner. It makes up around a third of Electronic Arts' annual income, and so players will happily forego £££s to but more of these packs. Given that these 'player packs' are random, the user won't even know what they're purchasing, hence the whole process becomes a gamble, as partaken mostly by children.

Maybe better the UKGC, CAP or CRAP start their investigations there, instead of purging Mourinho & co from our tellies

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