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Mar 18, 2006
Albuquerque, NM
i tried a couple of these slots for the first time today. they are only available via the flash casino. are these slots similar to what you Brits call "frooties"?

i found the lingo somewhat humorous. i did not find the drain on my balance from playing these at the 10 cent minimum the least bit humorous. are these slots authentic to the point of a 75% payback or was I just unlucky?

i won't dippin these toes back in dem waters until I get the green light from the vinylweatherman. The ones i tried were "Chavin it Large" and "GameOn". The former seemed exceptionally stingy.
Yep, frooties or fruitys - short for "Fruit Machine".

These machines are found everywhere in the UK - mostly in "pubs" (bars) - and are NOT random in the true sense of the word.
MG has indeed copied this trait.
I don't know what the pay % is, but I would guess it's quite high actually.
They will pay nothing for ages, then suddenly go mad & throw money at you.
I was playing one a few months ago when it went on a streak - and I had a win on EVERY spin for about 30 spins in a row!
But overall they are money-eaters - accept or avoid!
ok.....i think i get it now......i was in Madrid in 1984 and they had machines like that there.....they had quite a few store-front mini-casinos that were full of these 25 peseta machines and once you hit one jackpot the machine would then go through an entire sequence of hits.....5 apples....then 5 pears...etc, etc. I was playing on one soon after I arrived and I hit one of these. After about 4 mini-jackpots in a row I was shaking my head and thinking "what are the odds of this? I should take the money and run." so I walked away probably leaving half the sequence still to run. I realized my mistake when I was near the exit and I could hear the commotion from some of the old ladies who had seen what happened and were having a field day yacking about the "Yankee estupido" that left in the middle of a jackpot payoff.

This "set piece" streak has been a feature of UK fruit machines for some time now. The MG Flash variety are more like what we would call "Mid tech" games. This means they have a basic structure of nudges and holds, and a limited number of feature games. The extreme is "High Tech", and formerly these could be beaten by skilled players (reason I am banned from Brighton, Blackpool Pleasure Beach.. etc.) Eventually, they forget and I can go back, but they are over you like a rash as soon as they see crap features paying more than they should.

The High Tech machines will often respond to brute force at the right time, but programming is getting ever cleverer, and they have largely designed the skill out of the game. Now, it's knowing the bugs that helps, and also watching for signs of the "streak cycle", and hoping the "touristo estupido" leaves in time:D :D (Usually because their coach has to leave).

I have had a great run from Pub Fruity at 32red, however if not paying they will eat money quickly, even at the 10c level!

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