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Jul 23, 2006
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Here is the list of applications for a remote gambling license as supplied by the gambling commision, link below.

Below I have tried to nitpick a little information for you to get your teeth into but some of this information may be incomplete or I may have simply made a mistake.visit the site and please feel free to comment or correct any information I have wrong.

as far as I can tell there are 13 applications for a remote casino license, the 3 below are of most interest IMO;


Eurobet(Gala/Coral) Chartwell
Paradise bet( Chartwell
Sportech(littlewoods) includes Marvel slots
Palatial leisure(Palace bingo) Under development
Lucky 8 Under development

The gaming channel Interactive TV gaming
Two way media Interactive TV gaming
Smart TV broadcasting Interactive TV gaming

Corinthians Casino No information found
Jaxx UK No information found
Online 28 No information found
Stardust clubs No information found

Of those companies that have applied for a remote license but not a remote Casino license the following 4 were most noticable IMO;

Betfair Chartwell
Bodog RTG
Ladbrokes MG
Paddypower WagerWorks

Make of all this what you will but I made the following observations;

Eurobet(Gala/Coral), bet and Betfair all use the same software but only the first two have applied for a Casino license?

As you will see when you visit the site there are many subcatagories in the remote gambling license and we need to be able to make clear distinctions between them to come to any informed judgement.

For eg does the fact that Ladbrokes not applying for the casino license yet applying for other catagories of the remote gambling license mean that their Casino will be unregulated whereas Corals for eg will be regulated?

Perhaps some representitives of these Companies would like to explain to us why they have/have not applied for a remote Casino license and what this will mean in gaming terms.

EDIT: sorry the format did not come out as expected that is why it looks a little jumbled.
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Feb 22, 2001

27 April deadline brought in new applications

The UK Gambling Commission has published the list of online and offline operators who have applied for prestigious UK gambling licences in time for the September advent of the liberalised Gambling Act.

Despite widespread speculation on the possibly dampening effect of Chancellor Gordon Brown's 15 percent tax regime announced earlier this year, the "remote gaming" section of the list carries a good range of well known, if mainly bookmaker, names.

In a press release announcing the end of the 27 April deadline for applications, the Commission revealed that a total of 2 357 applications had been received and were being scrutinised. The majority of these were for a continuation of existing licensing rights.

"We are pleased that the vast majority of gambling operators have got the message about the deadline for guaranteed continuation rights," said Hazel Canter, the Commission's Director of Licensing and Compliance.

"Continuation rights mean existing businesses that sent their application in before 27 April can continue to run their businesses without interruption after 1 September 2007, even if their operating licence has not been determined by the Commission. Not all existing businesses need new licences for 1 September to continue to operate.

Taking a look at the applications for remote gambling operations at Old / Expired Link it is clear that the majority are for bookie rather than casino activities. Those marked specifically for online casino operations include:

Corinthian Clubs
GameAccount (skill gaming network)
Smart TV
Jaxx UK Ltd
Lucky 8
Online 28
Palatial Leisure (a hitherto mainly Bingo operation)
The Gaming Channel
Two Way Media William Hill

Among the big names on the general remote gambling list are Betfair, Bodog, Betfred, Canbet, Centrebet, Betdaq, Globalbet, GameSys, Rank/Grosvenor/Bluesquare, Heathorns, IGT, Inspired Gaming, Ladbrokes, London Asia (Betex), Million-2-1, Orbis, Paddy Power, Coral, Samvo Entertainment, Spielers (Stanley Leisure), Stan James, Stanley Casinos, Unibet and Will Hill.

Mobile providers and operators making application include Cecure, Cellectivity and Mfuse.

Applicant with the most intriguing title? "The Angry Grandfather" of Aldershot, UK!


Banned User - repetitive flaming
Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
I have PM'd the reps of some of the relevant companies with the following;

Hi there,
Just to inform you there is a new thread entitled
I am inviting people in the industry to comment in this thread on why they have/have not applied for a remote casino license so that players can make an informed choice on where they play.

Hopefully some of the informed will give a little more clarity on what players can expect from a licensed/unlicensed remote casino.