Uk govt has to pay fobt sector back 600m tax paid


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May 8, 2018
south east england
More sloppy governance means bookies etc are getting another nice payday from the fobts

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On the back of this legal judgement, the times yesterday ran a story that in the end it could run to £ billions of tax refunds, what a cock up.

Edit: Alternative title, more tabloidy...revenge of the fobt merchants :oops:
I'm sure i remember that sector arguing against fobt reforms because they were a good source of tax dough for the chancellor, though that might be the old memory playing tricks, I bet the champagne was flowing, the legal persons hired probably enjoyed a nice little earner too.
I think it was over the section 16/21 machines. They basically had very little or no regulation in the early days. One of the large companies won the case, so they’re all jumping on the bandwagon.

Rob :)

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