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Jan 20, 2004
Interesting read over at regarding the change of guard at the UKGC and what that might mean for the UKGC's new pet policy "initiatives": Affordability and Spending Limits.

... fears about much stricter rules around affordability and talk about potentially ruinous spending limits being introduced appeared to have faded as then minister John Whittingdale was seen to be casting a more friendly eye on the evidence set before him from the consultation.

... The government insisted last week the publication of the white paper on the government’s proposals remains on track for later this year. But the fear is now twofold. First, that there will be further delays as the new minister gets up to speed with the brief. And second, that the change at the top could presage a less benign view of the sector. ...

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I found this segment interesting:

His solution (Charles Cohen) is to use Open Banking in order to facilitate a third-party data offering that consumers can trust but also provides the framework for operators to gain a more nuanced view of whether any given player can afford their levels of gambling.

“At the moment we have a fire extinguisher approach but I think what we need is a smoke detector approach,” he says. “It needs to be normal for people to agree to affordability checking in the same way they do about giving away other key details – bank account, passport, driving licence – when they register.”

Imagine no more SOW - no more waiting for SOW docs to be reviewed by customer support, no more intrusions into one's privacy. It would be done via your financial institution. This would be a game changer.

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