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May 22, 2012
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(Yes, the FOBTs were up 6%, a colossal yield now of £1.6bn!)

Online gambling in Britain measured accurately for the first time

Posted on 26 November 2015

New figures released today are set to help paint an accurate picture of how much consumers in Britain spend gambling online.

For the first time, the Gambling Commission’s Industry Statistics includes five months’ worth of data from all operators offering online facilities to customers in Britain.

Previous industry statistics publications do not include this information as the data is gathered from operators licensed by the Commission, and prior to November 1, 2014, online operators did not have to have a Commission licence.(1)

While the data relating to online only covers November 2014 to March 2015, almost a year’s worth of online gambling data will be published in June, 2016.

Findings for the period between April 2014 to March 2015(2) include:
The non-remote (not online) British commercial gambling industry (excluding the National Lottery and Society Lotteries data) generated a gross gambling yield (GGY)(3) or equivalent of £5.4bn. This represents an increase of 2% or £112m when compared with the previous year.
Growth in the non-remote casino sector is up £50m (or 4.5%) and in the large society lotteries sector (up £54.8m or 18%). The non-remote betting sector also experienced a growth of £78.4m, representing a 2% increase on the previous year.
GGY for B2 machines in betting shops was over £1.6bn, an increase of just over £99m (6%) on the figure for the previous reporting period, set against an increase in the number of B2 machines of 60(4).
104,869 people were employed across the industry

Notes to editors
1.Following the introduction of the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act on 1 November 2014, all operators trading with customers in Britain must be licensed by the Commission and therefore must provide figures for the remote consumer market. The Remote section of this edition of the Industry Statistics contains data from before this change (i.e. up to the end of October 2014) and post the implementation (from 1 November 2014 to 31 March 2015). Future editions will contain details under the new regulatory regime.
2.The figures provided for April 2014 to March 2015 are provisional at this stage. See paragraph 5 of the industry statistics preface for more information
3.Gross gambling yield (GGY) - the amount retained by operators after the payment of winnings but before the deduction of the costs of the operation.
4.In submitting regulatory return information for a machine or a terminal that offers games that equate to different machine categories, operators are required to submit information based on the highest category of game available. For example, if a terminal offers category B2 and B3 games, operators are advised to count this as a category B2 terminal. For this reason, the B2 figures provided should be viewed with caution as the split between B2 and B3 game play is not clear (and therefore a portion of the GGY attributed to B2 machines above will have been generated through B3 game play).
5.More information about how we regulate the gambling industry
6.More information on prevention of money-laundering.

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