Uk Casino 'Casino21 Winnners' Or CON?


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Sep 29, 2004
Totally puzzled by this one...

Went to sign-up for a new UK Casino "" which was offering a bonus of 20% up to a value of 130GBP.

When I downloaded the Casino I found out that what I had downloaded was 'Casino On Net' :what: (Never Played there) & the only currency options were $.

Also 21winners casino had a playthrough bonus offer of 2x the bonus while CON is 10x.

E-mailed the support at 21 winners (Support was a CON e-mail address) but have had no reply.

So I really can't understand what CON are playing at, why offer a 'new' casino
when it turns out to just be the old one :eek2:
This sounds a little fishy to me Monty. Could be wrong but why would a CON casino be advertising other portals and even have a banner for Empirepoker with what looks like an affiliate code attached ( There is also a link to Golden Tiger Casino with an aff_id too!

It says 21winners/Casino-on-net is owned by Cassava Enterprises. The CON domains are registered to that company but 21winners is registered to an individual "Peter Ulstrup Hansen" which sounds scandinavian - there is also a link to Norwegian website analyser tool too which is odd. And the site has been optimised (to a degree) aimed at card games - hence the name 21winners i guess.

But then you'd expect the download for the CON exe to be with an affiliate link and its not. Very odd. Did you check it for viruses/trojans? Site has reasonable pagerank too.

Its intriguing :confused:

I notice there's a WOL banner on there so perhaps the guys there know something about it?

Congrats on holing that putt by the way. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. The Americans on the BBS here got off v lightly imho ;)

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