UK Betting and Totalbet problems


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Jul 8, 2004
London, England
I noticed on a different board that a lot of people have had money removed from their accounts in what seems like a big error by UK Betting and Totalbet.

I checked my account just in case and all is ok (No funds to remove :D ). I then got my partner to check hers and there is nearly 50 missing :eek:

I have discovered that they have done a sweep of all their accounts to remove unused casino bonuses that sit in the account but cant be withdrawn until you meet the wagering in the casino.

In both our cases there were no pending bonuses in the account. (We both used to lose the 25 in the casino each month by placing 1 big bet). The only money in both our accounts was our actual withdrawable balance.

I guess they have messed up the sweep process and I hope they will re-credit the missing funds. My partner is well upset over this and has emailed them and is awaiting a reply.

I am just releived that I withdraw all my balance after each poker session. My partner often leaves money in her poker accounts. I have always warned her but would she listen :eek:
They have been giving some players a 25 refund but i dont think we will get all our money back. The staff at Ecash direct dont seem to care or dont have a clue.

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