Uh Oh. Spain becomes regulated in terms of online casinos...


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Mar 20, 2011
So, I did read a rumour about it a few months back - looks like its finally official.

Bwin and Party have both emailed me today to let me know that they are opening Spanish only sites where you can play Poker, Betting, Bingo and classic Casino Games. Everything except Slots basically.

Apparently from now on all online casinos need to be properly registered with authorities in Spain to offer online gambling, but slots aren't allowed.

Quote from the Party email:

PartyCasino.com will soon no longer be available in Spain.

PartyPoker.es is a site exclusively for Spanish players, where you’ll shortly be able to play your favourite blackjack, roulette and poker games.

Due to new Spanish online gaming regulation, slot games will no longer be available. However, you could still win big with blackjack and roulette at PartyPoker.es.

Don’t worry - we’ll be in touch soon to tell you more about the upcoming changes!

As a pure slot player, this is worrying.

EDIT: More available here:
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Oct 14, 2004
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The article suggests that the exclusion of some forms of gambling is "temporary". More worrying is the 25% tax rate. The UK tried a 15% rate, and got nowhere, with everyone making a beeline for Malta instead. This can only be profitable if Spain has the means to keep the unlicensed operators away, and as seen with the US, easier said than done.
The result will be a few licensed sites paying 25% tax, and the rogues paying NO tax and out of reach of Spanish laws. The rogues will be able to out compete the licensed sites as they will have that extra 25% to spend on promotions, marketing, etc, which the licensed sites will have to hand over in tax.
Poker might not work too well because Spanish players can only play against other Spanish players, and the field could be a little thin. This shouldn't be a problem with other products that are player vs house.