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David Anderson

Warning: You will not get paid by Bring Me Luck. Bring Me Luck belongs on your DO NOT PLAY list!

My friends and I are having problems getting paid by Bring Me Luck,a Unified Gaming casino. I am normally very reluctant to come out and name a casino like this, but in this case I have no choice. This casino is not included on the "rogue" list here at and visitors deserve to know they will have trouble getting paid. If this casino pays me it won't be necessary to make posts like this.

Although there has been a large response from others who have been cheated by this outfit, I intend to focus on my own experience. As I will detail, this casino has a lot of excuses when it comes time to pay off a winning player. When they run out of excuses they use the final excuse of blaming the customer, they stop answering EMAIL, and of course YOU WILL NEVER GET PAID. Some of
their excuses are stated right on their website!

First, on their website it states that you can only cash out on Mondays, only cash out $1000 at a time, and will be charged $40 per cash out. Of course this is not advertised in large letters, as the purpose of this is an excuse to be used later on. So they accept deposits every day, for any amount, and with no fee, but when the money is going in the other direction they use policies to make it as difficult as possible.

But that's not all. If the policies don't prevent a winner from cashing out, they move on to other excuses.

On April 26 I cashed out $1000 to be sent to me as a check to my address. I was told this would arrive quickly by regular mail coming from a U.S. address. (My total cash out was $2175 but you can only cash out $1000 at a time)

On May 26, 30 days later, I was informed that there had been a "mix up" with the 5 day regular mail, and a new check would be sent and would
be arriving within 5 more days.

On June 26, another 30 days and 60 days total,
I was informed that there had been yet another mix up with my check.

On June 30, more than 65 days late and after two mix ups, and the fact that they had rounded down to $1000 what was actually $1175 more that
they owed me, I demanded they send the entire $1175 they owe me, that they send it Fed Ex, and that they provide me a tracking number to proove they have sent it.

Their response? Fresh out of excuses, they have now sent me an EMAIL that they do not like "my tone", and that my complaining was going to cost me the $1175. They are no longer answering my EMAILs and of course I HAVE STILL NOT BEEN PAID. As an additional punishment I have been signed up for hundreds of pornographic newsletters.

So their final excuse is to blame the customer. Would you like to have this happen to you? Would you like to sit their helpless as they steal your money? Do not play at Bring Me Luck casino, and add them to your Do Not Play list immediately. If you have any questions feel free to post them here. If anyone has any advice as to what
I should do at this point please let me know. Thank you for reading my post.
Sounds like a classic case of casino dishonest conduct, poor customer relations, not paying and not respecting your rights of privacy. Any one of those warrants complaints once you have tried unsuccessfully to negotiate with the casino itself.

If the casino is an Interactive Gaming Council member lodge a formal online complaint at the IGC site.

If you are an OPA member then lodge a formal complaint with OPA (which is actually one of your best bets of getting some real action on your outstanding winnings)

Talk to Julie over at Gambling Grumbles.

The Casinomeister here is a good ally and will already have noted your post and you'll hear from him I'm pretty sure.
Sounds like Unified Gaming had done it
again.. and here I thought they had
learned their lesson ????????????

Take it from me I know the nightmare
that one of their casinos put me through..

and thanks to OPA staff and being a member
it did come to resolution .. 3 cheers
for Steve Brain.. Mary and everyone else
I didnt mention..

The whole experience really did sore
me to playing online.. and maybe
thats a good thing :)
Thank you everyone for reading my posts and your responses and suggestions. There seems to be a lot of support for the interests of players here at, and I would like to thank Bryan for the opportunity to use this forum in this fashion.

I did file a complaint with the OPA, and I appreciate all the work they have already done to represent the interests of players.

If this casino pays me what they owe and does so quickly, it will no longer be my job to get their scam off the net.
I was actually thinking of playing here at Bring Me Luck. They sent me some promotional offers "begging" me to come on over. Thankfully , I found this site before I gave them my "donation". I am not going to give a place like this any of my business. What a bunch of crooks.

Dave, I am with you all the way and will be telling all of my friends to avoid this bunch of crooks.

bring me luck = out of luck!

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