UB - Beware - My fiasco with them


Keep winning this amount.
Mar 10, 2005
Continued from the "UltimateBet login issues" thread, so as not to hijack it.

i have found their support to be pretty helpful although this has generally been playing issues (inapropriate language, cheating etc) rather than $$. Although there was also issues of a cashout nature that i contacted them with.

Most likely situation is that you have forgotten or are misstyping your log in details. 3 days is not long in poker time so be polite and patient and you should get a positive outcome from them. Just remember to try to see things from their perspective, be patient and yet also persistant

I wasn't so concerned about the wait time as much as I was about the incompetence shown by their support staff.

After 2 weeks of emailing them and receiving little/no help whatsoever, the issue was finally resolved by my closing my account there.

1. I tried to deposit $100 via WU.
2. 72 hours went by, and the WU deposit was never credited.
3. I was finally able to pry their billing contact # out of one of the CSR's via email.
4. I called, and was instructed to change the receiver's information for the WU deposit, and my deposit would be credited within 45 minutes.
5. I called WU and did so as instructed.
6. I waited 2 hours, and my deposit was still not credited.
7. I called back, and was told to call WU and once again change the receiver's information. Both times, the receiver was in a different country than the initial information. I told them that both them and I could get in trouble for this; as it would raise a huge red flag with WU by changing the receiver and country 2 times in the same amount of hours. I also told them I was canceling the WU transfer altogether.

I found out after the fact that you CANNOT make a WU deposit into your UB account over the internet! You have to go into a WU retailer to make the deposit using cash. Why couldn't they tell me this up front instead of making me jump through hoops? Why isn't this information placed on their website, or at least in the cashier section of their software?

After this whole fiasco, I was out $20 cold hard cash, because WU will not refund the initial transfer fee - they'll only refund the principal amount.

In the two weeks time after the above situation, I probably sent about 10 emails back and forth to them asking them how they would make this situation right. It was obvious in their replies that they never read my emails in detail. Apparently they just skimmed through it and replied to what they thought I was asking. 99% of the emails were outlining their deposit methods...what a joke.

What pissed me off the most is the fact that they think "making it right" is to place $20 in my account. Fine, but the $20 was in BONUS DOLLARS.

Let's see. I can't deposit any money, but they're giving me a bonus that I need to deposit and play to unlock this money?


I'm just glad to be done with them. It was a cheap lesson ($20).
i agree...

anything i ever read on any forum about UB is about how bad their customer service is dealing with any issue, large or small. When i finally cleared my money out of there a few months ago, they somehow sent it to the wrong neteller account and i had to wait over a month to get it back..

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