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Dec 3, 2005
i registered at Indiocasino on 16/11,deposited 100$ and got 100$ bonus,i were so happy to win $383.00 and i had already met all the wager requirement.
i did not receive the letter until 23/11,they said
"It has been noted that you have not taken part in promotions offered by Indio Casino and its affiliate casino's in the true spirit as intended. From your pattern of play at Indio Casino and other affiliated casino's, it has been noticed that you only generate the sub minimum wager required in order to be entitled to cash out after receiving the bonus.

On at least one other affiliated casino, you again wagered the sub minimum required in order to be allowed to cash out after receiving the bonus and never returned to this casino to play further. When we plan our promotions, the aim is to reward loyal and regular depositing players with FREE bonuses. Unfortunately, your pattern of play across our affiliated casinos has not shown this intention of becoming a loyal and regular depositing player.

As a result, as per our terms and conditions, your initial deposit has been returned to you and all bonuses and winnings have been declared void.

You are most welcome to continue gaming at Indio Casino. You will however, not qualify to receive any future promotional bonuses. "
i have never played at affiliated casino,how can he judge me as a bonus hunter??? just because i have win money from the casino???? this is my only account at the casino,i have never opened a second account,he just do not want to give me the money,and did not reply to my letter,so what can i do ??
who can help me??
Hi Jack,

Welcome to the forum. Indio has had a lot of problems with paying players in the past but they are claiming that they have turned over a new leaf since being powered by playtech. I suggest that you pitch a bitch with the Bryan ie the casinomeister. You could try the playtech complaints channel but I doubt its effectiveness. Good luck.
They bring it upon themselves

Casinos have brought this on themselves. Many players will cash out straight after doing the new player bonus simply to test that the casino actually pays out!!!!!
If they then immediately claim you didn't play "in the spirit" by playing longer before cashing out they should realise it is the rogues in the industry that have given players this cash-out mentality, after all they should know all about rogues, they ARE one!
The accusation that you have played the same way at affiliates is simply because that is the text of the standard E-mail. The E-mail received by the other player in the other thread is exactly the same, but relates to his own case in JUNE!
It would seem their intent is to string players along when they are losing, but when they end up winning they return the deposit and say that on that particular promo you did not play with the right "spirit" (I.e - you won!)
No wonder Playtech and RTG have such a poor reputation. It seems the majority of the rogues use these two softwares, or their own proprietry brands. Rogues on MG and Crypto seem a lot more rare, and the problems are easier to resolve (although not always to the satisfaction of the players, and sometimes after one hell of a workout!).
The only casino that never paid me was RTG, and the only Playtech I have played is Kiwi, which is one of the few reliable ones.
It's going on four months since I tried to cash out over 2k from Indio. They did not even bother to email me or return my deposit, just stole everything. I have cut way back on playing online casinos since this happened and I use to play almost every day.

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