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Sep 30, 2003
Hello casinomeister.

I wrote to you in the pitch a bitch section and you answered by saying you were checking what i asked from you. The whole situation about U.S.A. Casino has started again. I thought that they will finally pay me but i was wrong. Saying what happened in a few words :

U.S.A. Casino want verification of address in order to procced with a withdrawal. I live in greece. Documents in greece have greek letters on them ( obvious isn't it...? ). They asked back and front of credit card and a photo id with address or a utility bill with my address. I sent them : 1.) official government's photo i.d. with address ( of course in greek ). 2.) driver licence with address ( of course in greek ). 3) Utility bill of my home's telephone ( with address in greek ). 4.) Print screen of my certified neteller account ( with my address in english and my account id and name obvious in the print screen ).

But they do not give me my money. Isn't this illegal??? There have passed more than two weeks and i'm still trying to persuade them to give me my money. I do not understand. I do not have a document ( except print screen of neteller account ) with my address written in english. If i had i would have sent it to them. But i do not. They do not understand this. I sent them all my info and they can even go me to court if i am illegal or whatever. They deliberately hold my money and i believe that this is illegal. I do not know what they told you when you talked to them but they still do not give my money. This isn't logical. If I am illegal and have sent them these document i should have : stole a credit card, stole a person photo id, stole his car in order to take his driver licence, hack into his pc in order to take a print screen of his neteller account...... Isn't this like a joke? I do not have any document in english except my print screen of my neteller account. Do something if you can. They hold my money for two weeks. Thanks a lot.
Come on casinomeister.......
Say something.....
I think that you are the only one that can help.
I figured out that in their last email they now ask only for a bank statement. After removing driver licence, photo id and utility bill
( which i sent )they only ask for bank statement. But the bank statement has my address written on it in greek. It is the same thing. Why should i send it to them? They'll say the same things again.
Umberto, I'm sure the Casinomeister will reply as well. But do you have a passport? A copy of that might solve the problem. Have a good one.

Hello my friend.
I do not have a passport. If I had i wouldn't write in the forum... I really do not have something with my address written in english. I broke my head to find something but there isn't anything. Is there anyone from greece with the same problem? Might have a solution for me...
Hi Umberto,

I am awaiting word from the casino. I wrote them on the 5th. There is a weekend involved so I may not have a reply until today.

Why don't you have a passport? How do you travel in the EU?
I haven't traveled to EU yet...
So i didn't need a passport for this reason. I plan to do so in the near future but this is irrelevant to the matter we talk...
But you are in Greece, it's part of the EU (European Union), and I thought that most people in your local cross the border every so often.
It seems that the matter is solved. They say that they approved my document. Thank you casinomeister. The fact is that till the previous year if someone in greece wanted to go abroad, for any reason, he would have to start the procedure of issuing a passport. I haven't gone abroad till now so i do not have a passport. The government does not say that all people must have a passport but only the ones that want to go in other countries. The official document that we have here in order to be identified by police and other services is a photo id with address names city etc written on it. The fact is that under the new laws of european community these photo ids have changed from 2003. At first the letters and everything on them was in greek. Now the info they have written on is written not only with greek letters but with latin too in order for us to be identified abroad. That's why we do not have to use a passport in order to travel to a member counrty of E.U. We have to use only this photo id. But i haven't got this photo id yet. I still have the old. You know, the government didn't say that we must change the ids. I mean that the old photo id i have is still legal and it will be utill every last person will change it with the old one. I did not have any reason to change it so i still have the new one. If i 'll go to another E.U. member country I think i'll change it for easiness. That's what is going on here in greece....

Sorry if i tired you with all the analysis..
Thanks casinomeister. I hope they 'll pay and i will not have any more problems.
You must not be a beer drinker then, or you would have traveled north :beer: for a beer vacation.

Glad it was resolved. I'm sure they will pay.
This matter is closed. They returned the deposit to my debit card and the withdrawal of the rest was approved by their cashier and i wait my money in my neteller account in a day or so.

Thank you casinomeister.

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