Two bonuses on one base game spin (not a retrigger)


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Apr 26, 2021
Essex, UK
How many slot games allow you to get two separate bonus rounds with only one base game spin? I’m not talking about a retrigger within an active bonus round, nor am I talking about triggering a different bonus round within an active bonus round).

Here’s an example I achieved this weekend on Big Bad Wold Christmas Edition. Note that there is only one 25p spin made at the start, and that the first bonus round finishes completely before the second one is triggered.

I though this would only be possible with collapsing type slots until I also got this over the weekend as well on Marvelous Mouse Coin Combo.



Mar 14, 2017
I remember there was a game a couple of years back called Trip Trap Troll by Leander that was an absolute 100% rip-off of Big Bad Wolf, even down to the stated RTP%. I even had the game lock up in exactly the same way as I'd seen on Big Bad Wolf some months previously, which involved triggering the feature again during the cascades that followed after you'd already had the bonus. The final amount won was identical as well. It was like the game connected to the Big Bad Wolf maths server when you played it. The game disappeared after a few weeks so maybe there were 'issues' behind the scenes...