Twin - withdrawal issues?


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Jun 19, 2016
Hi all. I'm having some weird issues trying to withdraw from Twin recently.

It started off a few weeks ago, when I tried withdrawing to my PayPal account. After submitting and resubmitting the withdrawal a few times, Twin support eventually told me that it bounced back with a form of "KYC needed/limit reached" error message from PayPals end.

I asked PayPal about it, but they confirmed that there were no issues with my account, and that everything should come through. I digress, but still.

I eventually managed to make the withdrawal to my debit card instead, after making a small deposit. Then I assumed it was all good.

Now, yesterday, I made another deposit, and I won 350 euros. I made a withdrawal back to the card, but woke up to an email saying it was cancelled, but with no explanation for why.

I made another withdrawal, and it was cancelled again. No explanation. So I contacted support.

And from support I was told that I could not make the withdrawal to my debit card due to some international restrictions. And that I could make another deposit with another method, preferably bank transfer, and withdraw through there.

So I deposited 10 euro by bank transfer like the support advisor said and...

Y'all, i am not able to withdraw through bank transfer either.

Bank transfer, like the basics of basic money transfer. This should not fail.

Have i missed out on some insane new regulations in EU recently? I reside in Ireland, so from what I know there should be no issues whatsoever to have any of this processed.

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Since the new branding going under the name Oddsring Casino I had my first withdrawal ever bounce back/canceled also via Visa withdrawal , in saying that I've had many previous successful withdrawals whilst they were Twin Casino.

Despite the inconvenience I like how they were still able to notify me promptly. Had to wait a dreaded 2-3 Days for the ol bank wire transfer but it come through none the less. One more thing I noticed since change over is they add a extra surcharge I guess If you will , I can no longer deposit just $10 like I have to have $10.50 or $11 in my account for a $10 deposit to be accepted even then its a hit and miss and have to attempt a couple of times often leading to a page crash web page rather than a deposit successful banner..

Seems hard to find a online casino these days that ticks all the boxes and stays that way. Twin/ Oddsring used to be my go too, but as of late . Not so much.

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