Twin Spin in HD???


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May 19, 2011
Las Vegas
If you hate changes like this, the start crying...

More or less all game providers will update their desktop games from Flash to HTML5, and then a few changes will be made, an example is that they will re-release the games in 16:9 (HD) instead of 4:3.

From what I've heard it's way harder to code and get smooth animations and graphics in HTML5 compared to Flash, so don't expect the re-wamped games to have better quality :(

Since most browsers won't support Flash in the future, this is a change that must be done. Some older popular games will be updated, while other games will most likely just be removed when the time is there.


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Jul 25, 2014
We could do with proper download suites that don't use a browser at all to play, but a proper game engine. Won't happen though, and we'll keep getting rough html5 releases.