Twin Casino Passed the Test


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Congratulations! :thumbsup:
You went through the BBF easier than any casino I've seen here, so well done :cheers:


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Best news of the weekend! Thanks Bryan!
I would like to thank everyone who has had their say, given their feedback and been involved in making Twin a better casino!
We can not even wait to share more cool stuff! This is only the beginning for Twin :)
On behalf of everyone working at Twin, we would like to say big thanks! We are grateful to be part of such an awesome forum!

I will see you all in London next week! Time to celebrate! :cheers:

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Hmm Irish not accepted.
Will give Twin a try once I can SUB for an account. :)


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They seem like a nice enough bunch. Not the greatest place for bonus players but aside from that they seem pretty decent overall and I had no issues.


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Bravo Twin, great to finally have you in the group of creme de la creme, accredited casinos!! :D


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I figured Twin Casino would pass the BBF and I do like the things that they did so that the loyalty program and the deposit bonuses could be used by low rollers. Even though I did not play a lot, someone from the loyalty contacted me and wondered if there was anything that they could do to make things better. I suggested that they get more providers and also to try and make it so the "Casino Balance" doesn't update as quickly as it does since on most slots, you see the updated balance before the slot has shown you the win.

They decided to give me a deposit bonus for my time which was nice of them. I didn't win anything from it, but it was fun. Props to the account manager at the VIP loyalty!

Well done @Twin


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Today I had my first bad experience at Twin Casino (I already wrote a PN to @Twin).

I got 2 free spins in BOD (1 € value) with the reward system. They are 35x wagering, I was lucky to get 80 € bonus money. I started a bonus hunt... when 0,20 € money left I started opening the games and 0 € would get to my balance. Because I did this with bonus money and there was probably no bonus money anymore, but I never had such a problem in any other casino (for example at Platin Casino: There would be a list of games where you see which games left before bonus can be completed)

I did not expect such a rule in a casino like Twin. But well, always problems with wagering, I was so happy to have at least 1-2 hours play time but it shouldn't be. My Bonus Rounds:

1 Tiger Rush (This one I played -> 0,80 € won in bonus and noticed it did not get added to balance)
2 Jaguar Temple
3 Mustang Gold
4 Sweet Alch. (4 pots)
5 Wild Bazaar (3 Respins)
6 Cash of Kingdoms
7 Rise of Olympus
8 Dark Red
9 Madame Destiny
10 House of Doom (Pick Feature)

This all are worth 0 € now. I asked if I can play them and they add the sum of all to a bonus balance and add the remaining wagering (As the winnings seem to still appear in the game history). The answer was "Sorry can't change it".
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