Expired Promo TWIN, Banana Odyssey is now live!

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Mar 26, 2019
Hey guys!

I hope that everything is well with you all?

Banana Odyssey has finally been released and is currently up and running on Twin.com!
The game will at the start be exclusively available at Twin.com for the next coming 8 weeks and we could not be more excited!

Banana Odessey is an amazing space themed game with an awesome soundtrack and fantastic win potential!
We are all very happy to share this new game with all of you & we hope that you will be as excited as we are! :D

To celebrate this game release we are having a special Banana hunt on the site where you have a chance to collect bonuses for the new game Banana Odyssey!
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to have a look and see if there are some bananas waiting for you!

On top of this, we have also created a Banana Top-up where you get 30% bonus up to $30 on your next deposit!
You will be able to read more about this via this link.
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But that is not all!
Some of you might have seen my previous post about Banana Odessey where you can have a chance to win some really nice merchandise from the new game!
All information can be seen if you follow the below link
Merchandise give away

I wish you all the best of luck!

All feedback you guys might have towards the game is more than welcome and feel free to reach out directly to me here on CM with whatever it might be! :)

Kind regards
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