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Aug 24, 2006
Hello all, Im new here and fairly new to the world of casino whoring.

I have cleared about 12 casinos without any problems, but twin aces failed to pay me my bonus after meeting the requirments.

I deposited $300, met the requirments, waited about a week and cashed out $416. $300 was placed back into my neteller account.

Sorry if this is standard procedure, when being labled as a whore. If so, I guess this is more of a heads up.

Has anyone had this problem, I assume there is nothing that can be done...

Thanks all
99.9% chance that you didn't meet the wagering requirement. They recently upped it if you're playing blackjack. Contact them via online support, they are very helpful.
thanks bpb, it seems at first they only process your original deposit, and then process your winnings after approval. Support said I should expect my other payment tonight.

Sorry for the thread, but I haven't run into this problem before.

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Actually evasive it is a very good point

I remember checking my neteller account ( quite a while ago ) and thinking exactly the same thing on my 1st ever cashout.
Though it has to be said if memory serves me correctly i had received an email explaining.
I believe my winnings were in the next day.

Never fear they are a reputable casino and i am sure everything will be ok.... still a confusing way of doing things if you ask me!


Since you are a self confessed whore, it is likely that any further accounts opened at this group will trip the software at the point of registration. This will prevent further accounts being whored. The limit for this group is normally 2 group accounts with bonuses, and an attempt to open a third will be referred for manual approval. The rep here will have probably seen this thread, and will have been saved the trouble of disallowing any further group accounts.
Blackjack or VP play more than doubles the WR, from 15x to 40x when I last checked. For Neteller withdrawals, the initial deposit is paid back before the audit, and is pretty quick for a playtech. Any winnings are paid after audit, and should follow in around 3 days if all is well. This is my experience of making a first withdrawal at Twin Aces.
hello, just wanted to say that I did in fact receive my bonus. I was just confused when I saw that just my deposite was placed in my neteller account. ( I believe it took 2 days for the bonus to be credited to my neteller acc) thanks for the help.

If anyone knows how to change the thread title, please let me know. Twin aces is one of the better casinos I've played at. Or if a mod could that would be great. thanks
Good thing

Twin Aces is a nice Playtech Casino, One of my favs after Sun Palace..

They have that weird policy about matching your deposit first and then within 48 hours matching your deposit.

I am pretty sure is stated on their website. They always pay...

It wasn't your bonus which wasn't paid.. it was only that they credit your deposit first, then pay your winnings. Probably the have some sort of reverse procedure which saves time.. dunno...

Actually evasive it is a very good point
...if memory serves me correctly...


was that an iron chef reference?

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