TVS and Warren Cloud

Just to bring this thread back to its actual point...

...I still have not been paid my $5718.51!!!

Pretty cool, isn't it?! -NOT!!! :lame:
In most cases, this would either be unbelieveable or unacceptable, but this is the norm with RTG problem casinos.

Hang in there Schankwart. You will be paid. They are still making a decision on who is liable, but you will get your cash. Hopefully in time for some Christmas shopping.
Warren Cloud called me this morning to report that, following extensive anti-fraud checks he has been steadily settling the old TVS outstanding payouts, including those on which he was defrauded by the former TVS owner J.C. Jones. This was confirmed by Steve Mosely of RTG.

We are currently trying to verify this with players that we know about, for example those gathered in by the Casinomeister and we know several regulars at WOL who had problems.

Assuming that Cloud is doing what he claims he is doing then we will be among the first to recognise this as a welcome move in the right direction by both TVS and RTG.

TVS will probably be announcing a capping arrangement on further settlements under the old regime, but it should be noted that extensive verifications will be carried out to prevent any bandits trying to get in on the act.

Off at a tangent, but still perhaps of interest...we have been doing a little digging and it appears that the former owner of TVS, the elusive J.C. Jones is still running eWorld Casino. This was the one casino in the TVS group that was not taken over by Cloud.
Jet, did he take over for America's Online casino? If so, do you have a contact address for him? They still owe me a few bucks.

I have been paid indeed!!!

After waiting for half a year I got the payment to my Neteller account 2 days ago. -Since I am on vacation right now I could not announce this any earlier.

Thank you Bryan for your efforts in helping me!!!

I am very glad to not have been stiffed once more by a rogue RTG-Casino!

I also seem to have been paid - I received a payment to my Neteller for the exact amount of my AOL cashout, and since nobody else owes me that sum it must be it. The merchant name doesn't exactly help with the identification process: "Doleplex Holdings".

Thanks to Bryan and Wazza.
I'm glad someone has been paid. I've been trying to withdraw from Vegas Strip Casinos since May. I've made numerous calls to Oliver, but to no avail. Is anybody else still seeking to get their money back from these casinos and what would our next step be? Thanks.
The biggest complaint that Warren has expressed to me is that many of his players (or ex-players I should say) are "beaters" (his term). What this means is that if they play only bonuses...

Ironic that, since he sends out THE most wacko promo Emails on a weekly basis.
Congrats Rod on your legal victory. Lest we forget there are several "roguish" casinos based in Cyprus - Windows Casino for instance.

Since Cyprus has entered the EU, it will be easier for EU citizens to file claims against casinos which are based there:
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This should keep everyone on their toes, so to speak.

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