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Jan 16, 2002
This doesnt seem to have found its way here yet for some reason, so:

Ownership of the dept-ridden TVS group (TheVegasStrip) recently passed from the former owner, JC Jones, into the hands of Warren Cloud - previously of Casino Extreme and currently Crystal Palace notoriety. TVS has many outstanding depts of more than two years standing to Danish players and quite a few others besides some very recently acquired. Before disappearing into the sunset, Jones approved many (all?) of these more recent withdrawals in an attempt to wipe the slate clean for Mr. Cloud, presumably in order to get a better price for his organisation. Unfortunately, he did NOT go as far as to actually SEND them! Pending Neteller withdrawals were changed to Overnight Express and backdated several weeks. It isnt rocket science to work out why: Neteller is an instant electronic transfer and easily verified at the customer end. Cheques are much harder to trace. Neteller payments that were not received never happened; cheque payments that were not received gotahem, lost in the post.

Cloud is now conveniently insisting that all TVS claims from before he took over are not his responsibility, and since most claims are now listed in the software as approved, that this is an end to the matter as far as hes concerned. That those withdrawals were NEVER ACTUALLY SENT, and that NOT ONE player has RECEIVED the money, is not an issue he feels inclined to comment on.

As former head man at the Casino Extreme group Cloud was responsible for the theft of many thousands (I believe his partners there kicked him out about a year ago); as current head man at Crystal palace / High Rollers Lounge he already has his fair share of winnings denied, accounts locked, etc; as the current head man at TVS I see no reason to expect any better service from him. And FTR - he goes by at least three other aliases: Donald Fortune, Oliver Curran and Richard Brooks.

The list of Warren Cloud casinos, which should be avoided at all costs until he pays his depts and cleans up his act:

Americas online casino
Cleopatras casino
Club regal casino
Club mardigras casino

Crystal Palace
High Rollers Lounge
Are you saying you are going to work on the TVS debacle?!

Curran owes me a sum of close to 6 Grand that has disappeared just as Caruso described.

I will fill out the p.a.b. form later today...

Yes, I'll be taking them (PABs) as they come in. Warren Cloud knows he needs to clean up his act, and I hope this will give him the opportunity to do so.

He's made an investment in these casinos, and RTG has more or less made an investment in him. They know that even though he is a bit eccentric or unusual at times, he can really operate a casino profitably. I'm surprised they haven't let him take on Windows as well :D

So I hope he will be receptive to whatever I have to do or say about the matter.

And then we can have a happier, more peaceful world.
"They know that even though he is a bit eccentric or unusual at times, he can really operate a casino profitably."

Tell me about it; he stole a packet at Extreme, he's got a ton of depts at CP / HRL, and he's currently stating that all JC's depts at TVS are not his problem.

You betcha he can run a profitable organisation.
This is exactly why he is allowed to operate, BUT as far as I know, he is on a short leash right now.

Whatever that is worth.
Warren Cloud aka Oliver Curran is by far the crookedest man to ever venture into the online casino business. I highly doubt he will take responsibility for any of the owed money as he doesnt even pay the players whom play at his own casinos. I wish everyone goodluck in retreiving their money, if anyone can make some progress I'm sure it is the Meister, but this guy is so irresponsible and dispicible in morality that it would seem highly improbable.
Oops, my bad. It's Vegas Riches, not Vegas Magic. :redface:

As for "Warren da Clod" I think he's a sandwich short of a picnic. ;)
Warren is definitely not loopy, or particularly smart or ethical imo - but he sure is cunning when it comes to making money off online casino players.

This story has been reported and is being followed on the Casinomeister News section, btw.

And I think a special mention is appropriate here for REALTIME GAMING and Michael Staw, who has been repeatedly emailed on this situation, and copied on emails to and from Cloud.

He ignores everything as usual, and seems prepared to sit on his hands whilst this deplorable situation is allowed to gather momentum.

Any organisations of integrity would by now have clarified this situation and what Cloud's agreement of sale incorporates or where Jones can be contacted.

By not doing so one can be excused for believing that they are taking advantage of a confusing situation.
Anything new on this? Is The Warty One getting his 6K?

More to the point - am I getting my marginally smaller payment? :)
Cloud phoned me yesterday and says he and Staw are busy trying to work out who former owner Jones screwed with his claims that accounts had been paid when they hadn't. They are trying to establish what the level of fraud is and who is responsible.

Cloud is keen to issue a statement as soon as possible to clear this up, because he claims that he is being unfairly hammered for taking over a bunch of lame casinos with fraudulent books that he didn't know about but is now expected to pay up on. Staw as usual remains silent.

Cloud has suggested some solutions to Staw, and he hopes that they can get something moving in the very near future.

I think the best course for now is to keep the pressure on and see what they have to offer once they have all their ducks in a row.

Cloud has said, however that he has never accepted Danish players and that they will not be a part of any solution as far as he is concerned. RTG may have a different approach - that is Cloud's position.
Is Staw a real live person? He never makes himself known in any way at all, seems to be like Uncle Sam, a fictitious person used to take money from people.

If he is real, maybe he should get booted to the streets!
Cloud phoned me yesterday and says he and Staw are busy trying to work out who former owner Jones screwed with his claims that accounts had been paid when they hadn't. They are trying to establish what the level of fraud is and who is responsible.

Uh - must have been a shock to them. For F.... sake. People have been complaining for years - they don't process payments for months and years - Jones is forced to sell and suddenly in April/May a shitload of payments are "processed".

Yeah - must have been a REAL surprise the players didn't actually get paid :eek2:

Hi Jinnia,

Yes, Staw is a real live person. And like most CEOs, he doesn't hang around message boards. It's usually casino operators who are more involved with public meanderings, than individuals who are providing the casino platform. I've met him on a number of occasions. He is real.

And everyone else,

As for the slowness and apparent non-communicative style which this episode has taken, it's like what Jetset said. There are a lot accounts to go through, and those who should be paid, will be getting paid.

Notice I haven't been hounding these guys to crank up the effort. I know they are dealing with this best they can.

The "warty" dude has some cash coming to him for sure. And as far as I know, most everyone who has submitted a legitamate claim will be getting paid as well.

Things have been a little slow on my end because it has been too hot to work. It was 38 degrees in my studio yesterday, and about 39 outside. I just said the hell with it!
meister!! 38 degrees is TOO hot??

What are you, an ice cube?? LOL
I live in Europe. 38 degrees c. = about 102 F. That's how hot it was in my studio yesterday. And no air conditioning.
Ah!! Celsius !! Ok ... smile
LOL, Jinnia! I thought the same thing. No wonder his nose is pink. Yep Meister, Sometimes doing the year it pays to have this beautiful black skin of mines...HEAT? NO PROBLEM! :lolup:
I always thought that'd make you feel hotter murder1, I guess that's not the case?
Report on the [color=ff0000]HEAT[/color] in Europe and other places.

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