Turkey of the year


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Feb 22, 2004
In light of Thanksgiving, should we award a Turkey of the Year. Readers, why not nominate casinos that persist in poor practices. I would be interested in what players think.


PS - I think I posted this in the wrong forum. Apologies.
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Maybe Omni...for not only screwing players around on bonusing, but also foolishly putting at risk a reputation as one of the oldest and most reliable on the Internet.
I'm split between Omni and Kiss. If pressed though I think I would vote for Kisscasino...........Number one reason would be the 19 yr old player they are refusing to pay. :p
I don't think one turkey is enough to go around for everyone. You've also got to give one to connecto, beside kiss, omni etc. ;)

How about sandofcab for the 21 losing streak?
kiss isnt a turkey. they are like when you drop the turkey on the floor and its all stinky and dirty and has fuzz and shyt on it. thats what kiss is.

so yeah kiss is biggest dirty slab of turkey out there.
jerseyguy11 said:
so yeah kiss is biggest dirty slab of turkey out there.

Looks like it is neck and neck for who gobbles up the prize. I am giving the bird to Omni. Mainly because of their previously fine reputation.

Will be interesting who breaks the tie. I make it 3 Omni, 3 Kiss and 1 Connect to Casino.

Birds of a feather?


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