Turbo charged Novomatics


Senior Wember
Just had a go on Fairy Queen Novomatic slot at Bell Fruit Casino and you will be pleased to know that she is running just over a minute faster per 100 spins also during free spins your special reel spot spins lightning fast.

So congratulations to Novomatic on taking our money that little bit faster and destroying my favorite Novo slot at the same time.

I popped £30 in Grosvenor casino right after and few spins in... Site under construction with no warning, I'm guessing my favorite fairy and all her friends are getting turbo charged.

Had 15 FS rounds on Bruce Lee earlier back to back and couldn't come out a winner, 13 on Wild Turkey the other day back to back at least 10 paying 15 X, a couple 20-25 X and one whopping 45 X

Day before I was on double digits FS rounds back to back on Break the Bank Again and couldn't get ahead.

Just done £30 worth off deposit's at Video slots down to my last few quid before I hit FS round which gave me a nice recovery then 4 rich Wilde's for 100 X and I only go and hit FS round soon after already sitting in a winning position got the Queen symbol and it paid a miserable 12 x

It's getting harder all I am saying and my skills at making tin foil hats are getting much better.

Edit to add: I have had a nice run lately mostly making my cash back on my last deposit and last 8 days or so I have kept my head above the waves as in nothing lost but little gained just disappointing when you hit a massive amount off bonus rounds for so many to be turds.

Like last week at Nedplay Casino 750 wagering to beat, done that with a peak balance off only $23 over my starting point went one FS round more or bust it and walked away with $90 thanks to 133 X bet on Girls With Guns Frozen Dawn on Magnetic Wilds.


Senior Wember
Happy to confirm Grosvenor is back up and running with no Turbo charged Novo's for now and my fairy Queen gave me the FS on my fifth pull.

Pharaohs Tomb was up next delivering 7 FS rounds last being a 440 X bet feature but I needed it.

It was very exciting thou having 12 FS remaining on the last symbol could off been more, didn't manage to 5 oak any symbol at all and still nice hit.