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Aug 25, 2004
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I don't know why any of you guys bother with the second rate software of most poker sites mentioned in this forum! There's only one that really 'does it' for me - True Poker!
I believe I'm right in saying this is the only room on the net where you get 3D graphics viewed from the perspective of your character's eyes. You can choose which character to be. You move & talk, groan & cheer, laugh & congratulate good hands! It's awesome! (In my humble opinion!) :thumbsup:
One other thing I really like is you can only sit at one table at a time (as in real life) which means you don't get dumbasses trying to juggle between 3 tables and just generally p-ing everyone off by holding up play!

Just in case any of the True-Crew happens to read this, this is what is wrong with their site/software (In my humble opinion again, these things are why True is not the biggest site on the net):-
1. $1 is minimum table stakes - needs to be 50c to encourage more 'newbies'
2. Customer service is poor.
3. Some of the characters sometimes say the wrong phrase to the typed instruction.
4. (WORST THING) In an all-in situation, even if pre-flop, the flop, turn, river & chip split happen in the blink of an eye with no time delay to create any tension, or even much of a chance to see the cards! It just leaves everyone thinking 'what the frick happened?'
5. Similarly when a tourney table is being broken up it happens too quick to see result of last hand.
6. Not enough Omaha action! (I hate hold'em!). This is mainly due to not enough punters, which is probably caused by the failings above!

But hey, it's still my favourite by miles! I give them 9/10!
If you've not tried it - you're missing out man!

Good! I'm glad I put you off. It's infuriating for other players having to wait for bozo's to act on 2 or 3 tables!
Poker should be smooth & quick - just like in real life. You can't be in two (or more) places at the same time!
Perhaps that's why they called it True Poker! :D
The software here is soooo slow and only being able to play one table is terrible, especially when trying to work a bonus off. I cashed out before clearing it.

In ref. to other post, at Absolute you can 4 table if one is a tourney but the software makes that difficult.
I agree, True Poker is one of a kind.

That's right, True Poker has the best graphics in the whole internet poker kingdom. I really enjoyed playing seems so real. You should see some of the, they are hilarious. No hassles in purchasing chips as well as on cashing out. On the downside, they don't have 1) Freerolls - truly a most on every poker site, 2)Not enough bonuses - they need to beef up there promotion gimmicks, 3) Slow connection - understandably, with all those graphics, your 54K internet speed is not enough.

If True Poker can work on these issues then they'll become four of a kind ......which is a very good card.

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