True Detective


Any True Detective fans out there? I've not had a chance to watch the season 2 premiere yet but heard mixed reviews about it. Loved season 1 but appreciate the second will find it tough to live up to the first so not going into it with high expectations.


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Great TV show indeed.

It's a general rule... usually, the ones that start good will end up to be bad/boring after the first 1 or 2 seasons.
EG: Heroes, Game of Thrones, Supernatural and so many others...


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I'm a big fan of the show and eagerly waited for the second season to start with it's new famous cast. I did watch the first episode of the new season and enjoyed it a lot. IMO has the potential to live up to the first series - the actors where great and the story interesting. Can't wait for next week!


Agreed on Heroes as that one went sour quickly but to say that Game of Thrones and Supernatural got bad/boring after 1-2 seasons :what: You are hard to please it seems :laugh:


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As an big RPG (role playing games) fan...
I identified myself with Ned, then George RR Martin killed him :(
That's when I lost most of my interest...

I continued watching and enjoyed seeing that John Snow is going places, then George Martin killed him... :(
Now there's again no one left to identify with...

They're gonna kill everyone,
Or - and this would be funny :)) ... end it with Brand waking up from a bad dream, and telling Ned all that he dreamed about...

As for Supernatural, I saw all 10 seasons, but not enjoying it as much as I did in the first 2 seasons.
The only reason I'm still watching it is that I wanna see what God's doing in all this time, hopefully they'll choose Morgan Freeman for that role :X


Supernatural was epic from season 3-5 but I lost interest after that because my wife started watching it without me when I had football training! Game of Thrones has been solid but this season started dreadfully. Only saved by a superb final few episodes including Hardhome which was arguably the best episode the show has had.

For me, none of them beat The Walking Dead. I just love the character building and evolution of the environment on that show. Cannot wait for it to return in the autumn. Also, need to watch True Detective tonight or tomorrow evening.


I don't think it's going to be as good as the first season.

First, due to the usual reason - the element of surprise in season 1 vs. high expectations for season 2.

Second, the cast. Harelson and Mcconaughey gave pretty much a perfect performance throughout the whole season. Just can't see the current cast match that.