Truckers, Unite!


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Mar 10, 2005
Kudos to these truckers.....great way to bring attention to these ridiculous fuel prices!

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Truckers Clog New Jersey Turnpike in Price Protest (Update3)

By Chris Dolmetsch

April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Truckers clogged the New Jersey Turnpike and other highways today, slowing traffic to as low as 20 mph (32 kph) as part of a nationwide protest against surging diesel fuel prices, a spokesman for the highway said.

Diesel fuel at U.S. pumps averaged $4.02 a gallon through yesterday, up 42 percent from a year earlier, according to AAA, an advocacy group for motorists. The trucking industry is projected to spend $135 billion on diesel fuel this year, an increase of $22 billion from a year earlier, according to the Arlington, Virginia-based American Trucking Associations.


Oct 9, 2006
And they are of course having to pass this cost on to the consumer and we in turn pass it on to our customers. So in the end, inflation of prices just to get the same services. In my business, a semi load full of super saks of bulk gypsum ran $650 to bring in from Las Vegas Nevada to Albuquerque New Mexico only 2 years ago. Today it is $1050 and still climbing. We of course are raising the prices of the fireproofing products we create with that gypsum. Never ending circle jerk. Bah!


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Apr 10, 2007
South of Heaven
Paying to work...

My uncle works for a local currior service, the past month he was litterally paying to drive his 32' box truck. His payroll check wasn't covering his fuel costs, so he had the owner lay him off until this madness ends. I cannot imagine he's alone in doing that, at least he'll get an unemployment check.



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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
When you consider that our $ is worth around .5 GBP, it works out about the same.


Ours is around 5 per gallon, and yours is around $5, so in DOLLARS, ours is around $10 per gallon, and rising. (5 is $10 if the $ is worth .5)

Your prices have a long way to go before catching up, but at 46% in one year it looks like they intend to make it;)

The credit boom has so far protected us from the fall out from this, which is still to fully feed through to government stats.

FOOD and FUEL (non-motoring) prices have been soaring here, and are just managing to give "surprise" inflation figures. Added to this, the credit boom is well & truly OVER, so the economy can no longer be sustained through borrowing in order to afford both essential (food & heat), AND comsumer luxury items.

First, we will have inflation, which will lead to increases in interest rates. This will choke off consumer spending very quickly, as it will be harder to support EXISTING borrowing, and it will be hard to borrow more, or consolidate existing debts.

Many businesses will suffer, except those that supply what has to be bought, food & heating, along with other items seen as "essentials", although our parents and grandparents would class these as "luxuries", such as TV, Dishwashers, cars, automatic washing machines, computers, gambling, etc.

Online casinos will also suffer, and may well be first in line for consumer cutbacks, so they had better start consolidating soon.


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Feb 22, 2001
If you're not living in some oil producing nation in the Middle East I guess we've all got the same problem, with fuel costs that seem to escalate on an almost monthly basis....and a very significant proportion of the price at the pump is going to government or state taxes.

The knock-on effect through the economy is horrendous.


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Jan 19, 2006
Hey Vinyl, don't you guys at least get some healthcare benefits out of the high fuel costs over there?? Here we get high prices and nothing else. Sucks!