Troubles with P&P...anyone else??


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Aug 22, 2012
Midwest, USA
In the last two weeks I have been having issues w/ P&P. I submit a voucher request, and it hits my bank, but not Paste & Pay. I then email and in about a day, they do a manual voucher. Today, I do a voucher request for $30, do a $25 deposit with ClubWorld. Nothing deposits to my Clubword account and the voucher is now $5. It's like money disappears in thin air. I go to live chat with Clubworld, they won't help, so back to paste & pay. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing these "glitches" as P&P calls them.......:confused:


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Jun 15, 2011
I had the same problem approx a week ago. 3dice manually added the amount to my account and I emailed P&P advising of what happened and 3dice did the same.

I "think" I deposited a few days later again and didn't have any problems. Sadly I can't remember the second deposit as I've made a few this past week :oops:


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Aug 26, 2010
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Yes, I had trouble just this morning.

Their site is so slow, many times it will "time out" before it takes you to the next screen, i.e...... the one with your new voucher #. That's what mine did.

So, when I logged in again and went to purchased vouchers, nothing was there. I went to my bank site and it was authorized.

I sent an e-mail (through the contact us) and luckily I got a person to take care of it before they left for the weekend. They manually put the voucher # on my page.

Yet another site that "doesn't work weekends"!

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