Trouble regarding Big Kahuna,Sun vegas casino


Dormant account
Aug 1, 2004
Hi, yesterday i played at this casino,

first i i was playing a bonus game with 4.50 in stake my account was 11.64 i think 1 got \three masks and the bonus game i took the middle upper mask and got the 500 sign i think the win was 105 or 115 $ then i took the upper left it showed the 200 sign and suddenly started stutter!!!!! then the game quits to the lobby. No winnings registered

second, i played in expertmode 1$ pr spin and checked the, stop on bonus game feature. 2 times i had 3 vulcanos and i it did not stop.....!

Anybody out there please tell me if this is something that happens regularly and what to do.
I have contacted the casino, but now its been over 10 hours and no answers...

Bryan, you recomended this Casino,i hope i can trust this Casino to give something back .

Brgds Arild N Kristiansen :confused:
Possible Error with Big Kahuna

Hi Arild,

Our technicians have been investigating the errors that you encountered while playing the bonus feature on the Big Kahuna Slots. We have also logged the matter with MicroGaming and their technicians are also pursuing the matter.

Once we have received any updated information regarding your query from our Technicians, we will inform you punctually.

Please rest assured that in the event of an error or the bonus feature faulty you will be compensated.

We strive to give you the best online gambling experience of your life, offering the greatest promotions all the time and backing our services up with a 24-hour toll free helpdesk service.

Contact us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any other queries or suggestions.

The Support Team
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Thank you for your reply !

I am looking forward to your answer, and i will post in the forum what your casino did to make me happy again :)

The customer service (support desk) is very kind and professional, they really do their best to help me. :thumbsup:
Case closed.

They told me that there was nothing wrong with their software and offered me nothing...... ok, the second day the pitboss credited my account with 25$
because i had to wait so long.

i sent a e-mail saying that i was not satisfied, then they credited my account with 75$.....

That was kind, but i had hoped for something more since, the winnings was at least 105/115 $

Thats all.

Brgds Arild
second, i played in expertmode 1$ pr spin and checked the, stop on bonus game feature. 2 times i had 3 vulcanos and i it did not stop.....!

As I remember 3 volcanos bonus feature is triggered when they are consecutive in columns 1 through 3. If you had it, let's say, in 1,2,4 it's not going to trigger the bonus round.
No, it was three times rring and they were like 1,2,3, i have played Big Kahuna a lot so i recognise when it is a bonus game, but hey, thanks anyway !

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