Trop lost appeal again


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Oct 9, 2006

They are still gonna have to search for new owners. The appeals were lost again and the Trop officially has lost their license. I sure hope it works out because I dont know how much more they have to prove to being a nice casino. They have put so much money into all the towers and they just knocked down and redid 3 restaurants and added new bars. I dont get it


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Jan 30, 2007
Texas, USA
Sometimes you have to look beyond the topic and find the bigger picture. I mean it might not be the Trop, it might be something/someone that doesn't want the Trop.

I know that in Texas everytime a casino bill comes up, LA, NM, and OK start shoveling money to our gov. and the gambling bill goes to S**T. I am ever amazed at the stupidity of my state gov. at the amount of money they have lost for our state. 90% of the cars at the casinos in LA (all casinos, not just the ones right over the border) are from Texas. El Paso has a racetrack and casino within the city proper but it's in NM. Now how screwed up is that?

So my point is, who doesn't want the Trop? :what:

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