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May 29, 2004
Not really a suggestion, or announcement for that matter, but thought I'd link to this article on the BBC today just to highlight the fact that "trolling" is getting more attention and as such, people should be aware of just how it can affect others and even have repercussions for themselves.

The article in question talks about people who are not equipped to deal with comments - also referred to as "Internet bullying" - and have sadly committed suicide before going on to talk about how the criminal system is dealing with it.

It's a reminder for those who take an aggressive and sometimes confrontational stance that, while they might see their own actions as harmless, it can have a profound effect on others around them. The article hints that as the trend grows, hiding behind the anonymity of a message board may one day no longer be an option as a result of trolls.

Here's the link:

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Jul 7, 2009
Interesting article. Had no idea you could be jailed for it

Has this ever been shared here before?

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Jun 30, 1998
Thanks Simmo!

...The answer is for newspaper websites and online forums to employ sufficient moderators to prevent the comments spiralling into petty vendettas, he says. To ban online anonymity in order to prevent trolling would be to remove the right of whistleblowers and dissidents to get their message across, he adds...
I feel we have some of the best moderators around :thumbsup:

We waterboard our trolls. Oops - was that a trollish comment? :p

Seriously, I think that all of us need to be aware how we project ourselves online. It can be a challenge to come across in an effective manner, especially when we feel passionate about something. But when we knowingly are being acerbic, then this behavior should be dealt with appropriately.

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