Trident Lounge did it again!


Dormant account
Sep 3, 2005
I know, I praised Trident Lounge many times already, but you agree, from 50 deposit to 740 cashout (Roulette!!:eek: , HA- how much:confused: ) is something worth to mention!
For 2 weeks I cashed out about 200, deposited a couple of times, made it up oft to 300-400, but pushed my luck too much and did't cash out.:mad:
2 days ago I decided to be disciplined - deposited 50, made it to 300, 210 - cashout, continue to play - 400:eek: , 300 cashout, play again - 330 :eek: , 230 cashout, stopped.:)
Yesterday I made the remaining 110 to 300, but had no nerve to cashout 4th time in a row, so I busted it! But I had so much fun !:D
Trident Lounge is my favorite !:thumbsup:

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