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Treasury Department Delays Enforcement of Online Gambling Law

Discussion in 'Casino Industry Discussion' started by Mousey, May 24, 2007.

    May 24, 2007
  1. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse CAG

    Pencil Pusher
    You must register/login in order to see the link.to article

    Treasury Department Delays Enforcement of Online Gambling Law
    from staff reports

    Drafting of regulations has dragged on for months.

    The U.S. Treasury Department is dragging its feet in writing regulations to accompany a law designed to stop the use of credit cards to pay for Internet gambling.

    Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., went to see Treasure Secretary Henry Paulson on Thursday to ask about the delay.

    Are they going to be committed to enforcing this law," Brownback asked, "and putting the personnel in place that it needs."

    The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act passed last year, but the Treasury Department has yet to draft the rules for enforcement.

    Chad Hills, gambling analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said writing them up shouldnt be too burdensome.

    We estimate that about five federal employees working on this could keep and maintain a list of Internet gambling operations, he told Family News in Focus.

    Illegal Internet gambling is a $12 billion-a-year industry, and Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council said the pressure to water down the restrictions via the Treasury Department is intense.

    "The gambling forces seem to have some friends in those departments that might have been helping write some of those regulations," he said. Its almost setting up a fourth branch of government a bureaucracy branch that decides what laws they want to enforce and what laws they want to basically rewrite.

    (Paid for by Focus on the Family Action)
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  2. May 24, 2007
  3. lots0

    lots0 Banned User - troll posts - flaming

    I do nothing productive
    Hell on Earth
    Now that is funny coming from a member of the Focus on the Family Action group of Fascists.

    These people in the Focus on the Family Action support the idea of everyone in America following THEIR radical religious beliefs, no matter if the people want to or not. These people do not support the idea of a Free and Democratic Nation. They are Religious Fascists pure and simple.

    And like my tag line says.... I am a Fascist Hater.

    Two Cheers for the workers in the Dept of the Treasury!
  4. May 24, 2007
  5. footdr

    footdr Banned User: PITA violations of the Forum Rules


    Thank for this additional info on u.s. military bases. It makes a good argument and I included it in my new emails to my Congressional reps.

  6. May 24, 2007
  7. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

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  8. May 24, 2007
  9. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Dormant account

    San Diego
    I'm going to take this as a slightly good thing. Delays and snafus in implementing may contribute towards better odds at voiding or substantially reducing the law, either through congress or WTO action.

    One can hope, right?
  10. May 27, 2007
  11. footdr

    footdr Banned User: PITA violations of the Forum Rules


    Can't find an official statement as to the reason for the delay.
    I worked for the Veterans Administration for 5 years in upper management.
    So the first reason is a common one, BUREACRACY, things move very slow.

    Secondly, and this is just my opinion, I think they are having problems with a solution that is feasible. The Banking industry has repeatedly said that the regulations must exempt ACH(non-credit/debit card transactions) and paper checks as they have no electronic means of identify the what the payment is for. ACH non-credit/debit card transactions currently are not coded as credit/debit card transactions are. To begin coding them takes a revamp of the entire ach system and requires changes world-wide. Paper checks obviously have nothing that indicates what the payment is for.

    The treasury and fed reserve basically promised the banking industry that these exclusions would exist in the new regs.

    I am sure they are meeting trying to iron out what measures are DOABLE with the banking industry. Without requiring millions of dollars to be spent revamping the banking system

    I can not find one thing about the new regs at either Gov site or banking industry sites.

    Anyone find anything
    Last edited: May 27, 2007
  12. May 27, 2007
  13. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse CAG

    Pencil Pusher
    I haven't been able to find anything regarding any UIGEA bank regulations, footdr.

    But... I've been thinking... it seems that the US DoJ only needs to wave threats and subpoenas and arrest sportsbook and eWallet owners/operators/board members to accomplish their goals. Most payment processors have backed out (and/or had funds confiscated). Publicly listed casinos have all dropped US players. Our ability to deposit and withdraw has been all but choked off... the DoJ is 'investigating' and extorting funds from anyone and any financial company remotely related to online gaming... what do they need the UIGEA for?

    I wonder how many USA players have simply quit trying to deposit anymore?
  14. May 27, 2007
  15. jetset

    jetset Ueber Meister CAG

    Senior Partner, InfoPowa News Service
    Exactly. The actual UIGEA regulations will be an added *bonus* for the enforcement authorities, but they have already caused a huge amount of disruption and losses just by using threats, high profile arrests and "opinions".

    And it would appear that no-one is prepared to challenge them through litigation.
  16. May 27, 2007

    NASHVEGAS Banned User - flamming, disrespecting admin,

    which also holds true to the 60's wire act(PRE NET) which prior to UIGEA seemed to be a dying storm(ANTIQUITATEDsp LAW) but now has reimerged as a category 5 hurricane and the gospel for the courts. I don't get it!:confused:
  18. May 27, 2007
  19. dominique

    dominique Dormant account

    The Boonies
    I think the Carruthers trial will bring up a lot of political issues, we know the WTO ruling will be used, and likely the EU stance and various aspects about non US companies not being allowed to do business in the US while US companies (Yahoo, Playboy, the Sands) are doing business in the same industry abroad.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Kaplan trial (based on early infractions as bookie in NY) would be pushed to the max, and Carruthers would be let go.

    Short of that, the Carruthers trial will be the first time the US courts have to address the issue.

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