Trada Casino support lacking :(


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Aug 27, 2008
The biG Eu
Its not often I complain about casinos and especially respected outfits such as Trada but support there has been woefull the past 3 days.

Earlier this week I upped my DL limit as I do at the few places I play at every so often. I am forever sliding my DL up and down to stop me loosing my mind. Placed my DL increase , all good, then 24 hours later got a pop up confirming my DL increase. Accepted all good. DL limit now £150 per day. With ability to deposit £150 that day. Tried to and got the message " your remaining deposit limit is lower than the deposit minimum amount" could not deposit.

Went to live support, they could see I should be able to deposit, but could not find out why. Fine it happens, was told the tech department would contact me by the next day. Again fine. Next day comes and go, no tech support message. Tried to deposit again, same error, back to live chat. After 10 mins of questions they could not fix it. Told me the same tech support will be in touch today. Told Alex on Live support that was what they said yesterday ;)

Waited all day again. Nothing!

Rinse and repeat the next day and still no message from tech support. Errors happen I get that, but not a word, nothing zero. Tech support must be on holiday. Sure £150 deposit is not big money but its still a deposit. And if it was my business I would be pretty damn quick to try find the issue.

And as of today still have not heard a thing from "tech support" just radio silence and still cant deposit. Does not matter as I deposited away from Trada Casino but im surprised they just dont seem bothered in either following up with me or trying to fix the issue.

Rant over. @TradaCasino

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