Trada Casino-still waiting for your email


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Oct 10, 2012
  • I was a vip player,but that was back in 2015 i think,and i took a lot of money from them in 2 months i took maybe around 8.000 euros as i recall and it all started with a free spins...
I stopped depositing here because of their casino manager Tony and there were some things,they done,which i don't want to go publicly... so from then i stopped receiving emails,promos, they were waiting for me...hehe ...honestly i am really not upset for my account closure...

There’s your answer. If you dont deposit and max bet the freebee winnings all day - and then get lucky - why would they keep you?


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Sep 24, 2013
There’s your answer. If you dont deposit and max bet the freebee winnings all day - and then get lucky - why would they keep you?

You can't make an conclusion after this! you don't know what was my amount of deposits... and trust me they were a loot... as for vip player i only got 30 free spins and they were on some microgaming slot and once 100% bonus...not to mention they did some shit with my that the way you treat someone who deposits a lot??? i don't think so

I didn't say i never made deposits after that..or i might said that :rolleyes:..i deposited here from time to time


Official rep for Trada Casino
Mar 5, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Shouldn't I have been the one who faced the account closure for posting codes that are exclusive to players who recieved it?

I really do feel Helena's account closure is overboard. All she did was input a code that she was given. She has done no wrong, and as far as I am aware did not break any specific rules.

I would have expected better from Trada in these circumstances.

I've been deposting alot to Trada lately and may take a lengthy break. It doesn't sit well with me that someone else has been punished and had thier account closed for no reason and at no fault of thier own.

If it was against the rules for players to try and use codes that are not meant for them, then why not a simple warning about it first instead of a full blown account closure?

EDIT: Without referring to the "We can close your account whenever we like, for whatever reason we like" line that every casino implements into thier T&C's, can you be more specific and inform the community why Helena's account has been closed for using a bonus code she recieved on an internet forum?

I don't see the crime really. I've used codes from other reputable casinos as per the Free Spins thread and was just politely told "No chance, Sucker!" but nothing more :eek2:

I would have thought a warning more appropriate from what I've read.

Multiple (or more than say 2) instances then close away.

However I'm not casino management and this is just my 2c.

It wasn't 100 spins on a game, just the bog-standard 10, from recollection. Wonder what caused the panic :confused:

Hi All,

We would never, ever close an account because one code was claimed from the free spins thread here. I hope you know that we do not operate like that and never would.

I, of course, cannot disclose anything to do with a player account publicly so unfortunately cannot speak further on the matter.




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Jan 9, 2013
Tbf, not to long ago before this happened the rep did notice in the FS thread that some were sharing codes, and mentioned that such codes are deemed only to be used by those who recieved the email with the code, and those who didnt recieve the email would likely not be able to claim any winnings gained while doing so. Suprised she picked up on it amongst the chaos.
Nothing short of an admirable feat, that can only be comparable to running through no mans land ill-equipped to save a wounded comrade where if you are lucky enough to avoid being hit by a friendly Bren LMG youve still gotta beat the high odds of getting mowed down by a Maschinengewehr 34. Salute @ trada rep.