Bonus Term Change Trada Cashback


Official rep for Trada Casino
Mar 5, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Hello Meisters!

We are making a change to the TradaCasino Cashback loyalty system and I wanted to keep you all updated.

From 14:00 (UK Time) on the 12th October 2015, TradaCasino Cashback will become opt-in only. From then on, in order to opt-in to the loyalty system you must enter the following code with each deposit:
Cashback Bonus Code:


What Is Cashback?

At TradaCasino we offer our players 25% cashback on every single deposit.

When you deposit and play at Trada, we drop £/$/€2 into your balance every-time you wager £/$/€70 on slots. This increases both your edge and your playtime (If you are playing with bonus funds you will not receive cashback).

Example: If you deposit £/$/€100, we will add £/$/€25 into your 'pending cashback' balance. This cash will be unlocked as you play, and every-time you reach £/$/€70 in wagering you receive an instant £/$/€2 cash drop. Don't worry, if you don't unlock all your pending cashback in this session it carries over to your next deposit.


Why Make It Opt-In?

TradaCasino have been operating this loyalty system for almost a year, and in that time we have learned a lot about our players and what they look for in an online casino experience.

- We found that many players do not notice that they are receiving cashback, and so they believe they are not being rewarded for their loyalty.

- On a number of occasions, players have told us that they would prefer to receive bonus cash after their session, as opposed to £/$/€2 at a time.

Making cashback 'opt-in' ensures that only the players who want cashback will receive it. This frees up more bonus budget for us to reward players who don’t like the cashback system with extra matching deposit bonuses, cashdrops, cashback on losses and free spins campaigns instead.


In summary, if you want to earn cashback on your deposits from Monday 12th October at 14:00 (UK Time), please enter the code CB25 :thumbsup:

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact via PM or by replying to this thread.


Rachel @ TradaCasino.