ATTN: Casino Rep Trada approved withdraw missing


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Nov 15, 2018
Hello there,

first of all, I am playing not for a long time at Trada but I am fully verified there and withdraws got approved quickly and without problems most of the time. But somehow one of my withdraws missing, it is approved since 03.01 but not appearing at my bank account. All withdraws which were made later are already visible and it can not be the "high" amount, because we are talking about 200 €.

I got an email to join the VIP club but nothing new about my problem. I know that I am a bit fast at complaining, but the last time I said: "Just wait you will get your money" I waited over 3 months (this was at Platin Casino) and I really fear to wait again such a long time. I am a loyal player when everything is fine the casino has someone who is depositing at least twice per week and I do not switch the casino often.

I asked the Live Chat 24-48 hours ago, nothing new and I hope to get an update on my case.




Official rep for Trada Casino
Mar 5, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Hi Aryol,

My apologies for that. I did find your withdrawal in our Trustly system, it was marked as 'unapproved' on their side but 'approved' on ours. I'm not sure what the reasoning was for this (or why we didn't receive a notification that it didn't go through) but I will look into it with the tech team. Hopefully we can avoid a repeat of this in future.

I have reprocessed the withdrawal and everything has gone through now, so you should receive the funds imminently.

Thanks for your patience,