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Oct 30, 2015
here we go.

I got an email today saying I have deposited way too much money in the last 24 hours.

Surprising since I haven’t deposited any money since oct 20th. And it was 50$ On that date.

And the time before that was out 18th. And it was 100$.

I have a daily deposit limit on my account of 200$.

The email asked if I was aware of the amount money I was depositing and if I was comfortable with it. It then directed me to responsible gambling section.

And then it said I have exceeded their deposit threshold and they must ask me my source of wealth as obligated by ukgc.

I will refuse to comply.

As they are

1. Not really checking the info on my account and my deposit history
2. Suggesting I might have a problem
3. Seems that I was randomly chosen as my name was not even on the email
4. And I’ve had such bad luck at trada that if they close my account they might actually be doing me a favour.

If I really wanted to show them my sow I could cuz I’ve been very lucky in the last two months and my ecopayz account reflects that.

I’m not a uk citizen am I obligated to comply.

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Mar 5, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Hi Steviedoo,

I will email you directly from [email protected] with further explanation, which I can not share here.

I can confirm that the line regarding 'in the last 24 hours' was incorrectly added to the email you received, the request was not a result of deposits in the last 24 hours of course (as you had not played in the preceding 24 hours as you stated). I will send you further explanation directly,



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