Totally lost on what to do next


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Feb 14, 2008
I just wanted to find out where to go now
I have had a heap of trouble getting my winnings from a casino RTG software ( which I wont name now for fear of still not getting my money) I won the money on 20th dec 2007, Approved for payment 9th of Jan but as yet after 5 weeks still havent recieved any funds despite numerous reasons for not sending it yet from wait till its time to they sent the wrong amount and took it back. What should be next cousre of action as all correspondance gets me with the same response.its being done just wait for an email on the details
I have talked to the accs and the manager both on the phone and via chat and email only to be told its still coming.
Please help me


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Jan 19, 2006
Osity, if you are religious pray! There is absolutely nothing you can do if they don't want to pay you. I know it sucks, but thats reality. Just getting to gamble is a gamble anymore. Good luck.


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Oct 9, 2006
Did you get any answers? When you said the wrong amount, Im kind of thinking its Bodog because I remember in June they sent the wrong amount to a few people in here.

I hope it worked out for you. If its LasVegasUSA, they take long and even admit it. They dont approve for 2 weeks and take another week atleast to get you the money.


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Jan 20, 2004
I just wanted to find out where to go now ....

Post the site name or check if they have a forum rep here & contact them, otherwise use the "Pitch a Bitch" on this forum ....

Gary's advice was good. Since you didn't opt for posting the details I was expecting to see a PAB come through ... nada. I also see you haven't been around for the last couple weeks, so maybe your monies arrived after all?

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