Top Tier Links Like Forbes, NYTimes, etc


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May 10, 2016
In my niche, one of my competitors has backlinks from a number of top tier publications. Here are some examples: Bloomberg, Digital Journal, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, LA times. I've found them obviously buying links before, so I presume that they paid for such links.

This competitors site also dominates the SERPS for a bunch of terms I compete for. Granted, their site is old, authoritative, has tons of user content from a forum, etc, but, I presume that if they found value in pursuing these types of backlinks that I would find value in it as well (at least insofar as leveling the playing field). I also think that my content is superior to theirs in many ways, and that my site is simply not nearly as sophisticated as theirs with regard to SEO, optimization, it's not as old, less links, etc.

Long story short, I want to compete with them more vigorously and one of the ways I'm thinking of doing so is by pursuing links in really big publications like those mentioned. However, to get a gambling related link into one of these sites, it seems like the price tag is something like $3,000 per link. I think most of us would agree that that is quite expensive.

My question is thus. Have any of you gotten links like this in the past and if so, did you think it was worth the price?