Top Casino Apps on iOS Better Than Sex!


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Feb 24, 2013
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I want this to be a thread for people to post their favorite casino apps. I review iPhone apps all day long so I thought I do here what I do best, so here it goes my Top 3:
#1 Sky High Casino - I used to have Card Ace Casino as my number one until my friend told me about this app. This app speaks for itself plus no ads!! I rank it number 1 because compared to the other casino that are just gambling there's so much more to do with your chips in this app.
#2 Card Ace Casino - This was my favorite app! Cool tables gets annoying with all the pop-ups however and when you have a lot of chips there's nothing for you to do with them!
#3 Zynga Poker - I know it's not a casino and if your not careful this app will steal the money right out of your wallet without you knowing but it just comes with the territory of owning a Zynga app haha! I don't really play anymore but it's still better than all those other casino apps!
Let me know if you would like me to review anymore casino apps and what are some of your favorites! Lets use this thread to help find the gold in the App Store!