ATTN: Casino Rep Took my first real deposit bonus


Dormant account
May 10, 2009
Wait'n for a payout!
Last Sunday I took a 100% deposit bonus ($350) offered to me by CWC. I don't ever take a bonus because there's really no bonus for roulette. However, this was a VIP bonus so I was able to use it on any game I wanted with a 15 x deposit+bonus. I had been on a losing streak so I tried it, met my wr and got my bankroll up to $2400 minus the bonus of $350. I was jacked and my gambling ego really needed it!

Slight derail concerning CWC. I see a lot of people have been having problems with their payouts being processed. It might be because I always use courier check but my payout was processed 24 hours after w/d request and I have already received my tracking # - Thx Tom