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May 17, 2015
Been wanting to post this for a while now.

After reading so many rigged and this slot is shit posts. do you think people are to quick to Judge a slot these days?. It seams like unless the games popping out huge wins in the days or weeks after its released its called rigged or shit. do we as a player expect a lot more these days from slots ( as in pays and game play) and do we moan way to much about them?.

Take bonanza i have days when im stuck in GOL land where the D is hiding and i cant win and i have some days when the base wins just come in and no gold, then theres days when gold comes in a lot. a truly mind twisting slot ( which so many call rigged or a vile piece of filth).

Now the reason i wanted to post this was to ask how many of the older games we all know and love would people call rigged these days if they just got released today.

Theres way to many to put down but ill post my fav older 3 for now

Dead or Alive can be very bad and not give any thing for ages but has very good pay outs and has proven it time and time again

Great Blue/ Penguin Vacation same as doa can be a beepin beep to trigger free spins but again can pay huge and has proven it time and time again

Captain's Treasure PRO a Slot ive had some very good wins on but also a slot that can be a right git to get stuff on

So would you call these 3 and other older slots rigged if they came out now as new slots never seen before. would people moan about them as much as the newer slots?.
The older slots would be too boring for today's market, first off. It's like the bottom has dropped with slotting in general- they're either insanely high-variance or super-low variance where no one ever gets ahead :eek2:

Older games had the balance sort of right in that they tended to be on the higher side of medium, notably allowing players to have prolonged sessions on one or two favourites.

People knew what they signed up for with DOA, but although higher variance, it allowed ample playtime for next to nothing.

Penguin Vacation was always a blistering game that could obliterate one's balance fairly quickly, but that's Playtech for you. But even that shines alongside beasts like Danger HV and White Rabbit that care not for whether you wish to play for more than ten minutes :mad:

People will always find reason to criticize slots in general, but I think with the older games there was an element of fairness that is sorely lacking in today's abominations. I don't think anyone would complain if those old classics were released today, barring the ropey graphics and 'slow' gameplay :cool:
"Too quick to judge?" - Definitely YES! A very BIG YES!

Funny part is that the most complaints and tin foil moments come from playing high or super high variance games such as DoA, BoD, Pink Elephants or Bonanza. I've been guilty of it too at times. Especially the more popular ones have at times 1,000's of players spinning on them. To be then the "lucky one" in the crowd becomes a very remote possibility.

Even funnier is that the soon people score some good wins, we can see the accolades in the threads. But not for long as the text is changing quickly after a few cold sessions.

Fact is, no slot, not a single one, has the duty to pay us monster wins, nor to give us endless playtime with the smallest of balances. One could be spinning for years without anything worth mentioning, only for a "first time" spinner to hit the big one.

Personally, I take the bad and good times, knowing well that the odds are always against me, ALWAYS. I made a profit on Bonanza in virtually every session, although on occasion I would first lose a few hundred dollars before things would heat up. The slot is an absolute challenge if you have only $20-$50 in gaming balance. But with a few hundred bucks and consistent bet size, it never failed to give me some good pays at some point, both in the base game and bonus rounds. I know well that not everyone can make multiple deposits but it rarely is enough to hit something decent with just $50 in your balance, unless you stick to minimum bets, which will give you mostly a lot of play time.

Older slots are not worse or better. I lost fortunes in my early years on the likes of Spring Break, Thunderstruck I, Tally Ho or Ladies Night. Wasn't any different then as it is now. The odds are ALWAYS against us.

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