Too high variance


Apr 19, 2015
I think you can go too far in making a slot so volatile it's just not fun anymore.

To me all newer (since Dragonborn) BTG are guilty in this regard.

It's especially frustrating if there's no bonus round or the bonus
round itself is extremely volatile.

I think there's a sweet spot, where's big wins often enough to keep you going.
If you exceed this point in either direction (less volatile or more volatile) it quickly
becomes less interesting.

I have to admit prior to playing BTG games I imagined a slot way more volatile than
average, of course, always with a grand bonus round in mind.
The point just is that the bonus round has to be so rare and volatile that playing
such machines quickly becomes a chore.

I imagined a slot capable of 100,000x.
How you all would lose your minds at the huge potential.
But the potential regarding a huge win is always proportional to the potential
of a huge loss. Strangely the latter part is never considered much less mentioned.
Be careful with Bonuses!
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Get dunked, big buns!
Aug 29, 2012
Don't recall having played BGT recently, but I do think there is such a thing as too HV.

Like everyone else I enjoy the big hits, and am prepared to forfeit 20 crap bonus rounds in order to get it. But going on what you describe, there is 0 fun in having a game so volatile that you're hitting 99/100 dead spins :eek:

I think Six Acrobats/ BDBA is about as high as I want to go with variance (and of course DOA :()....I even started to think some of the 9-liners had gone a bit high-variance up until I played them again recently. They must seem like Blood Suckers compared to some of BGT's games! :cool: